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Consulting for the Petroleum Industry. PT. PetroPEP Nusantara has been established in 2000 and is providing geoscience services to the Petroleum Industry. Our main line of business is oil & gas exploration.
The   Hitchhiker’s   Guide   to   the   Upstream   Oil and   Gas   Industry.   -   Available   as   paperback from Amazon . If   you   want   to   read   up   quickly   what   oil   and   gas exploration   and   production   is   about,   or   if   you   need   to explain     to     a     non-technical     person     (e.g.,     lawyer, journalist,   accountant)   how   this   industry   works   -   this   is the    book    for    you.    It    is    written    for    laymen,    avoids technical   jargon   and   tries   to   explain   why   things   are done the way they are.
Hydrocarbon Exploration, New Ventures, Prospect Generation, finding and producing   Oil   and   Gas.   We   do   New   Ventures   and   area   reviews,   exploration, prospect    generation,    risk    and    reserve    assessment,    operations    geology,    field geology,   petrophysics,   technical   audits   and   venture   reviews   -   practically   the   entire spectrum   of   oil   and   gas   exploration.   Seismic   interpretation   2D/3D)   on   any   Industry- standard   system   in   the   client’s   office   or   as   outsourced   project   in   our   office.   Also: CBM,   shale   gas,   unconventional   resources.   Our   main   geographic   area   of   expertise is   in   Indonesia,   from   North   Sumatra   over   the   Makassar   Straits,   Sulawesi   to   West Papua, practically every basin in Indonesia.
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